Choose Your Direction

You know that no two wells are the same. So does Mostar. So instead of selling “standard solutions,” we draw on our full-spectrum, state-of-the-industry design, manufacturing and implementation capabilities to give you what you need, when you need it.

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You need a mud motor you can count on. A motor you can push to its limits without an NPT incident. A motor that lasts.  A Mostar motor,

At Mostar, we’re not motor suppliers – we’re motor experts. We make and service all our own mud motors, and we’re proud of their performance and reliability. In a recent drilling campaign, our mud motors drilled 42 wells with 28 individual motor builds, for a total of 93,000 m and 1800 D & C hours – all without a single failure or motor-related issue.


We don’t believe one size fits all. Our in-house well planners, engineers, designers, and machinists leverage industry-leading proprietary processes, software and equipment to build custom, full-spectrum solutions that deliver better results.

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Leading Tech

Today’s challenging plays need the best technology possible. Our researchers and engineers are committed to building on our history of innovation and continuous improvement to create better telemetry and mud motor solutions for modern directional drilling.

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